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Front-End Developer

Front-End Developer at Living Spaces.

Played an integral part in the development of the new web application. Responsible for transitioning and updating hundreds of existing landing pages to a more modern design. Developed and maintained critical components of e-commerce website to improve users’ experience and conversion rate.

Conducted multiple A/B testing
Achievements and Responsibilities

As a Front-End Developer at Living Spaces, I was in charge of all UI/UX aspect of our e-commerce platform and web performance. I also created full scale internal use applications to facilitate and automate daily tasks. Here are some of my achievements and contributions to the company:

  • Translated UX wireframes and mockups into responsive, interactive features, using HTML/CSS and JavaScript
  • Created over 100 A/B tests on our website to improve user experience and conversion rate
  • Greatly increased web performance by removing render blocking scripts and implementing new caching rules for static assets
    • Decreased page load from an average of 8 seconds to 3.5 seconds load time.
  • Played major role on the implementation of our chatbot utilizing Bold360 and SDK
  • Worked on the implementation of service worker and PWA
  • Created multiple internal use applications to improve work efficiency
    • Internal Product information system to assist sales associates to retrieve inventory levels and specific product information like fabric type, origin, customizable colors and more.
    • Created an email template CMS to allow designers to drag and drop multiple components to dynamically create emails.
    • In-Store mobile Scanner that allows customers to scan products to get more information and create a wish-list.
Living Spaces UI/UX
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